Fear not, we are open over Christmas, for when you are absolutely sick of all that turkey and ham. You know where we are :)

Monday Dec 24th (Christmas Eve) 3pm- 8.30pm (last Del 8.15pm)
Tuesday Dec 25th (Christmas Day) CLOSED
Wednesday Dec 26th (St. Stephens Day) CLOSED
Thursday Dec 27th 4.00pm-10.00 pm
Friday Dec 28th 3.00pm-10.30 pm
Saturday Dec 29th 3.00pm-10.30 pm
Sunday Dec 30th 4.00pm-10.00 pm
Sunday Dec 31st (New Years Eve) 3pm-9.30pm (last DEL 9.15pm)
Monday Jan 1st (New Years Day) 3.00pm-10.30pm

We would like to wish all our wonderful customers,suppliers and teams a very Merry Christmas and a great 2019! As in the past many years, we will not be sending Christmas cards, but have donated to the SIMON House of Cards Appeal.