We pride ourselves in making ingredients from scratch including the yoghurt for our dips and marinades. Part of the passion is being able to share recipes (such as our Bombay Pantry Indian paneer recipe) with you and show how we still rely on time honored Indian cooking traditions, particularly evident in how we still make all our Paneer cheese in house. You know that delicious, chalky cheese that goes into some of our delicious veggie dishes?
For those that are new to Paneer, it is a fresh, un-aged cheese made from the curds of milk boiling process. Typically made very plain, with no seasoning as it is used in curries which are highly flavoured.

If you have ever felt the great satisfaction and joy in making that first loaf of bread, then you will get a serious kick, out of making your own cheese!
This is an easy cheese to make, perfect for adding to vegetarian curries.

Fancy trying your hand at making it, here you go!

What you will need:
Equipment wise very simple. A large heavy bottomed pot, a sieve, some muslin cloth/cheesecloth and a heavy plate as a weight to form the cheese shape.
Ingredients could not be more straightforward: Milk and Vinegar.
To make about approx. 0.5 kg of cheese, you will need 4 ltr cow’s milk and approx 50.ml of vinegar. We use vinegar, but you can use lemon juice either.


  • Slowly bring the milk up to the boil in a heavy bottom pan over a low/medium heat – stirring frequently.
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Boiling the milk – paneer recipe


  • As soon as you see the first bubble, pour in about 3/4 of the vinegar and gently stir for a further 10 mins.


Adding the vinegar to start the curdling process

Adding the vinegar to start the curdling process


  • You are looking for the milk to separate quickly, forming curds and whey (white chunks and clear yellowish liquid).

Rinse the curds - paneer recipe


  • If you find the liquid left behind still looks like milk, then add more of the vinegar.
  • Get your empty colander/sieve lined with muslin and slowly pour the entire contents of the pot in, straining away the liquid, keeping the curds.
  • Rinse the curds gently with water, then gather up the sides of muslin and squeeze away any excess water – keep squeezing!
  • Get out 2 plates and place the cheese now in its muslin-cloth on the plate, and one plate on top with a can or heavy oven dish on top acting as a weight to drain further and compact the cheese.
  • Leave for about an hour at room temperature, before you chill in fridge to get a firmer cheese.
  • If you rather a slightly crumblier cheese, then after about an hour at room temp, remove the muslin-cloth and you have delicious fresh Paneer cheese – made even better as you’ve made it yourself!

If you do make a stab at it, please share how you get on.

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Happy Paneer making :)