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Eat good, Feel good. Eating out in January is possible :)


Today is the day that the majority of us are really getting focused on healthy eating and increased activity as we face a brand new year. Gone are the boxes of Quality Street, Roses and whatever else took your fancy over the elongated Christmas break – in its place are beautiful brimming colorful fruit bowls and challenges to hit at least 10,000 steps a day.

Whether it is #Veganuary, #SlimmingWorld, Paleo, IIFYM or just good clean eating you are after, our Indian food can give you what you are after in a totally tasty fresh way.

You still want to eat out and you can. Eating out in January is possible 🙂

Sure you might have to forego the Naan and make some #BombayPantryCleverChoices but it is all still possible – welcome to Indian food like you never thought possible 🙂


The good news is that it is easy to make some informed choices about how you want to eat. No-one wants to be told that they cannot eat out, it is just not practical for the busy fluid lives we are all living.

Our new menu has easy to read keys under each dish (<300kcal/<600kcal/vegan/paleo/dairyfree) which can help keep you on track and if you want to delve a bit deeper, check out our nutritional analysis that we completed on lots of our delicious dishes, certified by professional Orla Walsh Nutrition. Not forgetting that all our food uses wonderful Indian spices with so many medicinal benefits and is created from scratch daily using only the freshest ingredients, it is real food.

So, take a look and make some #BombayPantryCleverChoices to keep on plan – I’ve put a couple of suggested swaps together below depending on what way you are looking to eat.

Swap For Saving
Chicken Tikka Masala Cauliflower Chicken 139 kcal & 13g fat
Chicken Tikka Mirchi Kerala Veg Curry 200kcal & 17g fat
Housewives Choice Goan Hunter’s Chicken Curry 133 kcal & 13g fat
Bombay Ribs Prawns Jhinga 577 kcal & 45g fat
Basmati rice Sauteed Broccoli 257 kcal & 68g carbs
Basmati rice Spicy cauliflower 152 kcal & 53.5g carbs

Have a question, not sure about an ingredient, feel free to email me your questions at emma@bombaypantry.com and I will do my best to answer them!

Enjoy 😋

Happy New Year,


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