With healthy eating continuing well and truly into Lent, as we printed some new menus, we thought it would be helpful to identify some of the many healthy choices your local Bombay has on offer.

As a Company, we prefer the notion of the promotion of clean eating, using ingredients that have nutritional and healing properties (turmeric anyone?) the idea of knowing where your food is coming from, food as fuel and food made from scratch as the many benefits of our food. In the main, we are not the biggest fans of counting calories, as there are so many arguments around not all calories are equal, for example how do measure the nutritional impact of using 250 calories from a sugar laden chocolate bar to the truly wonderful nutritional benefits of a 250 calorie avocado with all of the fab beneficial properties that, the nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds an avocado will give you….
But, we recognise that some of our customers support the measurement of calories, and to this end we have broken out some of our menu into >500 calories.

Now there is a caveat, these are for guidelines, as each shop is different, each chef is different and as each dish is made to order, there may be more or less, but they are a good guideline! Just so you know, these were calculated using the FSAI tool menu-cal.

So enjoy!
Who said Indian food couldn’t be healthy……..

Dishes Under 500