If you are one of the hundreds of enthusiasts of the #PALEO way of eating looking for good food to go, well you may be delighted to hear that Bombay has a lot of options that are #purepaleo and #paleofriendly.

If you are familiar with our food, you will know that we are passionate about the provenance of our ingredients and the lengths we go to to make everything from scratch and I mean EVERYTHING (we make our own yoghurt for our dips and marinades!). All our food is pretty much GF and lots is suitable for Paleo followers!

Attempted to create a picture of all the options on the menu that are #Paleo….don’t mind the Infographic its not that pretty, but you get the gist :)

Any questions on the ingredients or Paleo, feel free to contact me at emma@bombaypantry.com

Happy eating :)

Bombay Paleo Options

Bombay Paleo Options