Today is the day that most of us will choose as the day to begin a new regime of healthy eating. Kids back to school, back to work since Monday with a bang!

Here at Bombay Pantry we are no different :)

Gone are the boxes of Roses and tins of Celebrations littering the office desks and shop counters. It’s a time for lots of green tea, fruit and veg and steaming bowls of delicious Dahl and nourishing curries full of clean healthy ingredients and wonderful spices.

January is the month of detox for many and our specials this month will reflect a month of healthy eating and good intentions. If these specials don’t take your fancy, there are lots of options on our menu that will suit. Check them out below.

Dahl if you are a newcomer to Bombay Pantry, or Indian food in general is a catch all phrase describing all manner of lentils/peas or beans (pulses).

Lentils come in all shapes and sizes and colours. We predominately use Chana Dahl, a dull yellow with a sweet and nutty flavor, they are the most popular dahl in India.  They’re made from splitting a small relative of the chickpea in half.  Chef’s tip; As they are renown for causing flatulence, the chefs will tell you to counter this by adding Aafoetida or Turmeric to the dish, you’ve been warned :)

Nutty and earthy in flavor, lentils have a high nutritional value that anyone can benefit from by incorporating this healthy legume into their diet. Packed full of protein, iron and dietary fibre and low in fat, lentils are a great healthy food choice. The food blog Mind Body Green list a myriad of reasons why we should be eating lentils, check it out here

So, with all this in mind, the chefs are recommending that those looking for healthy options in January, check out both our Dahls, Tarka Dahl (chana dahl traditionally cooked with garlic, and freshly ground spices (including turmeric ;)) and Chana Masala, (chickpeas cooked with tomatoes, onions and freshly ground Garam Masala) both are  €4.25

Our super-food options are perfect for January, Kale and chickpea curry (Irish kale cooked with smoked cumin, ginger and garlic, simmered with chickpeas, plum tomatoes and garam masala) €5.50 or our Nourishing sweet potato Dahl is super tasty and incredibly healthy too.

The new January special (from Tuesday Jan 5th) is a delicious Spinach and fresh mint Chicken Curry (€9.75). For this dish the chefs are using fresh mint (natural digestive aid) and spinach (superfood) with a little caramelised onion to add some sweetness. Delicious, super healthy dish.

We are not huge fans of measuring life in calories, as education around calories is much needed. Not all calories are equal, 200 calories from an avocado is far better for you than 200 calories from jellies! But we know that lots of you do like to know what calories are in each dish, so we are working through all the dishes on the menu but here are some of them which are super healthy and will allow you to eat clean and well in January and help keep you track!on them.

You will be delighted to hear that we have so many dishes on our menu under 500 calories :) Yay!

Dishes UNDER 500

So next time you don’t fancy slaving over an oven, prepping all your clean ingredients, call us!

After all, who could resist a Chicken Curry(500) and a side of sautéed broccoli(91)?

Remember, we only cook from scratch, using the best of ingredients, 98% of the menu is free from gluten and full of freshly ground spices. It’s all good food.

Enjoy January and all the resolutions.

Happy healthy eating!

Emma :)