Yay! We have a great new online ordering system. like anything new, it may take a bit of getting used to and we are tweaking it all the time with the different feedback we have been getting.

The main issues seem to be on the maps/addresses – that some are not being recognised, despite getting deliveries before now! We have rectified the maps, so that should be resolved.

The other area that is causing some issue, is how addresses are being input. Here is a screen shot of how best to input an address that has a number and a street…. (we have used our own Rathmines address for demonstrating)


onlin eorder blog




If you have a discount, then the easiest way to input it is as follows:

Click on Discount button, then click on the Promo Enter Discount Promo code


onlin eorder blog 2



Then enter whatever lovely discount you have and hit apply – it will discount your order.


onlin order blog 3


Enjoy! If you are encountering any problems, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at talktous@bombaypantry.com

Thanks :)