There is nothing quite like a warm, soft fluffy Naan straight from the screaming hot Tandoors, brushed with butter…. it is pure deliciousness with every bite. One of my first memories of Bombay Pantry Glenageary is of local school kids on their way home from school, noses pressed up against the glass windows fixated with the chefs making Naans in front of them. If you have never seen one of our chefs in action, skillfully guiding the breads out of the Tandoor, it is definitely worth a look!

The term Nan or Naan has become a catch all phrase for a lot of types of flat-breads baked according to locally adapted recipes, having been borrowed in a range of languages spoken in central and south Asia, including present-day India, Pakistan Bangladesh and surrounding regions.  Is it spelled Naan or Nan? Well the more English spelling of Naan dates back to 1979 and is the one that we use here at BP.

We are very proud of our recipes and the fact that we hand make each and every Naan in all our shops.Ingredients equally as important as the traditional baking methods. All dough is made in small batches. The naan is hand stretched. Most importantly, every BP Naan is made with natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

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Ever wonder how our breads are beautifully blistered? It’s all to do with the screaming hot Tandoor ovens. Cooked at searing high heat in the tandoors just as they were hundreds of years ago, they blister and bubble as they attach to the walls of the clay ovens, not before they are hand-stretched into a lovely teardrop shape :)

Homemade bread is one of life’s greatest pleasures and there is nothing like a freshly baked Naan to accompany one of our curries. Have it instead of rice and use the bread as a spoon literally it to scoop up your food, a tactile way to eat and enjoy your food. Namaste :)

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