GT14_small We are delighted to announce that we have won 3 Gold stars at the 2014 Great taste awards. The awards judging standards, devised by the Guild of Fine Food, are the most rigorous in the UK. To achieve the 3 star rating a minimum of 20 (but more often 30) judges need to be in complete agreement that the food delivered an indefinable ‘wow’ factor.

We are delighted to win three stars; this is the fifth year in a row that we have been bestowed with this honour.

Winning a Great Taste Award recognizes the hard work and dedication that goes into making great food, and we will continue to strive for excellence with our products. We are celebrating our 17th Birthday next week, so this is like an early birthday present to us! We have been presented with a coveted one-star Gold Great Taste Award for the following dishes: Bombay Chicken Curry, Butter Chicken masala & Butter Masala sauce.

Our dedication to providing you with authentic Indian food, using only the finest 100% natural ingredients, cooked by hand using traditional methods by our team of Indian chefs is paying off.

The judging panel described our signature Bombay Chicken Curry as This is an excellent curry. The beautiful fresh flavours of the spices sing, the ginger is very lively and the tomato is very fresh – how unusual not to find canned. The chicken is very tender, and the mustard seeds add warmth and texture. The coconut gives a richness but is not cloying. Not in the least oily, using no thickeners, this is an honestly and expertly made dish; the judges could have eaten a bowl each.


Don’t just take our word, or the word of 30 highly qualified Guild of fine food judges, try one of our award winning dishes for yourself!