……in hot weather!

Looks like June is set to get sunnier if the weather forecasters are anything to go by. Good news as the kids get their school holidays, perfect timing!

Everywhere the smell of marinaded meat b-b-queing over smoky coals permeates the neighbourhoods, as long lazy summer evenings al fresco are enjoyed. But as June becomes July, does anyone else get just a little bored of bbq chicken and salad?

Whilst spicy food like Indian is not necessarily first and foremost when thinking of Summer food choices, it is actually spicy food that helps cool your body down when the weather is hot!

It seems counter-intuitve doesn’t it? But it’s true. Some of the cuisines that hail from the hottest parts of the world — whether Central and South America, India, much of the entire African continent, the Caribbean — are themselves made up of some of the “hottest” foods humans can eat. And people in these hot, hot places eat these hot, hot foods to keep cool in their sweltering climate.

Here’s how it works: You eat spicy food. You feel warm at first. Your blood circulation increases. You start sweating. Once your moisture (that is to say, sweat) has evaporated, you’ve cooled off — and far more effectively than if you had tried to beat the heat with a glass of iced tea or a cold beer!

I heat up; I cool down. (Scientists call this spicy food/heating/cooling phenomenon “gustatory facial sweating,” because you usually start sweating in the face first.)

Suppose it makes sense, when you think of the >1.2Billion people in India having to eat in temperatures up to 40 Celsius in Summer months.


So, if the weather really ramps up this summer, you know where to call for your spicy curry, iced spiced chai or freshly made mango lassi (fabulous thirst quencher!)

And if we still cannot tempt you and BBQ is just your thing, well at least thrown some extra delicious spice into your marinade ;)

Happy Summer folks :)



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Freshly made Mango Lassi

Shot of Spiced chai

Iced spiced Chai

Spicy chilli

Fresh green chilli