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Tonnes of healthy ingredients…..literally :)

We go to the ends of the earth, and sometimes the end of our tethers, to make sure our food is as good as it can be. So all our ingredients are the best you can buy. One of the more interesting food facts that we have learnt along the way, is that there are [...]

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What is Garam Masala?

Ever wondered what Garam Masala is, and why we use it so much in our cooking? For anyone who would like a lesson in what Garam Masala is, here you go :) You will see Garam Masala mentioned regularly in Indian recipes, on restaurant menus, our own included. It is basically a spice blend common [...]

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Interested in Indian cooking, check out Rick Stein new series

Very excited about Rick Stein's new series on India. Starts tonight 17th June on BBC2. Enjoy! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01bcl5h

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New recipe – Vegetable and Chickpea Curry

There was a great response to our Chicken Tikka Mirchi recipe, using our Bombay Tikka Masala sauce. Decided to use our Bombay Curry sauce for this recipe and for anyone who is vegetarian or like me does a few #meatfree days a week; here is a really simple dinner that you can have on the [...]

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Chicken Tikka Mirchi recipe; using Bombay Tikka Masala sauce

If like me, you stuggle to come up with inspiring dinners night after night, why not try spicing up your Bombay Tikka Masala sauce with this simple recipe that can be on the table in minutes! Read on if you would like to try your hand at making a Chicken Tikka Mirchi! What you need:   [...]

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If you are one of the hundreds of enthusiasts of the #PALEO way of eating looking for good food to go, well you may be delighted to hear that Bombay has a lot of options that are #purepaleo and #paleofriendly. If you are familiar with our food, you will know that we are passionate about [...]

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Karahi Paneer – back by popular demand!

For all veggie fans, especially those with a love for Karahi Paneer - our handmade paneer dish. Have you seen that it is back on as a full veggie main? Happily, the power of the customer's voice wins out :)  

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Delicious Chickpeas or Chana as we call them!

Quick and easy recipe to try at home. Chana Masala is a mainstay of Indian family cooking. Chickpeas, are a great source of soluble protein and are cooked in a great many Indian dishes.  Try it yourself at home. Chef's tip! The spice Turmeric is added to pulses as a natural digestive aid to the [...]

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Well we have taken the plunge and set up our Bombay blog! As we are new to this whole blogging space, please bear with us :) We plan on bringing you behind the scenes news on new deals in the shops, any new specials the chefs design and general info and insight into the daily [...]

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