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It’s Pumpkin time…..

Love this time of year, seasonal produce is full of goodness. Lots of root vegetables, squashes all make for great vegetables to use in vegetarian curries. Pumpkin is back for October and that means our seasonal Goan Pumpkin curry is on :) At only EUR6, it is a great dish, and becoming much loved by [...]

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Exec.Head Chef Umed’s Chicken Karahi. Recipe Video.

Fancy trying Umed's Chicken Karahi or Kale and chickpea stir-fry, then read on :) Chicken Karahi - 4 people. What you will need: 4 chicken breasts A green and red pepper 3 red onions tin of plum tomatoes fresh ginger (large piece) and garlic (4 cloves) to make a paste bunch of fresh coriander rapeseed [...]

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Great Taste Awards 2014

We are delighted to announce that we have won 3 Gold stars at the 2014 Great taste awards. The awards judging standards, devised by the Guild of Fine Food, are the most rigorous in the UK. To achieve the 3 star rating a minimum of 20 (but more often 30) judges need to be in [...]

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We asked, you answered, we listened.

We put out a survey a couple of months ago, which a whopping 210 of you completed with great feedback and suggestions. Just in case you think we paid absolutely no heed to the feedback, decided to post a sample of what came back and what we've done about it to date. Not an exhaustive [...]

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Iced spiced Chai recipe. Quench your thirst.

Our complimentary Iced Chai has been going down a treat in the shops :) What better way to quench your thirst than with a cool glass of iced chai, not only is tea a great source of anti-oxidants, when you add some of our delicious spices (with their super properties) it's a match made in [...]

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Bombay Pantry Paleo food to go Options

If you are one of the hundreds of enthusiasts of the #PALEO way of eating looking for good healthy food to go, well you may be delighted to hear that Bombay has a lot of options that are #purepaleo and #paleofriendly. If you are familiar with our food, you will know that we are passionate [...]

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Brown Basmati rice – Healthy food to go.

Brown basmati, that delicious nutty textured rice, is coming to our new menu from May 1st! We asked you in our most recent customer survey (to which we have over 200 responses - thank you!) what you would like to see on our new menu. There were lots of varying responses, but one that came [...]

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#Paleo food to go…

More and more people are talking about #Paleo. Check out our latest mention from the great Dublin Underground site Check it out here! Dublin Underground   But what they don't know is we have a fab new #Paleo and general all round healthy #Superfood section coming to our new menu after Easter :) Wait until [...]

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A new accolade, one of the 21 best Hangover cures in Dublin!

According to the good folks over in @LovinDublin Bombay Pantry has been voted as one of the 21 best ways to cure a hangover in Dublin! Some would reach for the Alka Selzer and litres of water, others volumes of Lucozade and Rock Shandy, but there are many who wait patiently until 4pm to order [...]

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Our hand-stretched Naans!

There is nothing quite like a warm, soft fluffy Naan straight from the screaming hot Tandoors, brushed with butter.... it is pure deliciousness with every bite. One of my first memories of Bombay Pantry Glenageary is of local school kids on their way home from school, noses pressed up against the glass windows fixated with [...]

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