Brown basmati, that delicious nutty textured rice, is coming to our new menu from May 1st!

We asked you in our most recent customer survey (to which we have over 200 responses – thank you!) what you would like to see on our new menu. There were lots of varying responses, but one that came up most often was the request for brown rice, so we thought about it, trialled it and are delighted with the results!

In truth, we have thought about it regularly before but the appetite (excuse the pun) from you guys just didn’t seem to be there!

There are lots of other #healthyfoodtogo options coming to the new menu, including a new Superfood and Paleo section too. Indian food for years has been dogged by the perception that it is a “cream lovers” feast with everything laden down in heavy sauces, this could not be further from the truth. Yes of course there are some dishes that have cream, Chicken Tikka Masala being the prime example but there are many other authentic Indian dishes on our menu that are simply made with tomatoes, onions and a heady mix of freshly ground spices, our Bombay curry being the perfect example.!Lots of options on our menu are #dairyfree;and as you know we cook everything from scratch using no gluten containing ingredients :)

Digressing…forgive us, and there will be lots more posts about our new menu over the next few days, but back to the brown basmati;

We are thrilled to bring it to the new menu and some shops have already been practicing and giving out samples to customers over the past weekend. New rice cookers have been installed in each shop and they will be ready to rock and roll for May 1st :)

Never tried brown basmati? Well you are in for a treat….. it’s delicious and like its sister basmati it is lovely and fragrant (Basmati means fragrant in Sanskrit).If you favour a more nutty textured rice, then this is the one for you. A classic grain with all the nutrients, texture and flavour of the bran untouched. Good news is that it has twice the fiber of regular white basmati!


Brown Basmati


Here is a nice summary of its health benefits. Check out this blog from Jillian Michaels.

Nutritional information Brown Basmati

Enjoy and thanks,