According to the good folks over in @LovinDublin Bombay Pantry has been voted as one of the 21 best ways to cure a hangover in Dublin!
Some would reach for the Alka Selzer and litres of water, others volumes of Lucozade and Rock Shandy, but there are many who wait patiently until 4pm to order a feed of Bombay Pantry!

All our marinating, roasting of spices and cooking from scratch pays off ;)

It must be the vitamin C in the juicy plum tomatoes we use or the medicinal spices we roast and grind daily that help in restorative qualities to soothe the soul the day after a few drinks……. or maybe its just the good old fashioned handmade Naans that soak up all the residual booze!

Any which way, it works! Our recommendation, sweat it out with a hot Chicken Karahi, some lentils to help digestion and ease the stomach and a good garlic Naan for soakage!

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